Great Stories behind thier Names;

Name taken from a great warrior..

My first borned


History of the Islam In China

Share D'Life of Qutaibah Ibn Muslim
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Qutaybah ibn Muslim was a governor of Arabia ,who served under the supervision of Al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf during the reign of Caliph Al-Walid bin Abdul Malik. On Hajjaj guidance & disiplines , Qutaibah was able to expand the empire of Islam from Turkestan , Bukhara and border of China, including Samarkand successfully and effectively.


,the history behind the name of my 2nd baby, a girl...


Dzu Asy Syamalain was a 'SAHABAT' of the Prophet Mohammad (saw),
who converted to Islam and was killed during the famous war of Badar...
where it 313 against 3000 soldiers and won a victory still..
So there it was..


why she becomes 


is the two-bladed sword used by Muslim Prophet Muhammad (saw) 
and later given to Ali ibn Abu Talib, His son-inlaw .
 It was also used by Husayn ibn Ali, His grandson.

ZULFIQAR was suppose to be name to my little curly baby....
IF she was born a BOY & it would be like MOHD ZULFIQAR
but instead HE was SHE...

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