Sunday, October 28, 2012


It has been a Custom in most of  the ancient traditional , that if a man is pleased with a woman, then he will expressed his desire to his parents. It shall be the responsibility of his parents to be go to the home of the women and convey the feelings of the man. In certain cuture such as the Malays in Malaysia it has become the custom to bring an inquiring ring 'Cincin Merisik' as a symbol In acceptance by her and her family  for her hands of marriage. During the discussion of this inquire custom,o engagement ceremony will be discussed such as the date, preparations and the venue for engaged. 


27th Oct 2012 was the date,

an important event to be listed as one of the most memorable in  my family,
specially the 1st for my eldest son's life.
After being in a relationship for almost 5 years with his girlfriend <<<<Masha...
alast he convey his wish to ask her hand for marriage..
Not so familiar with the Malay custom,
coming from a very conservative Filipino bloodline,
I have to google 'MERISIK' in order to proceed with the occasion and to avoidany missed interpreted with the lady's family side customs...
i think i did it right though...
cause by the looked  and laughters from both sides of the family,
everything should have gone well as planned!! Alhamdulillah ;)
Date of engagement reception will be announce SOON!!

the event;

Pic Credit 2 Farah.. tq!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sya2 11th b'day..

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