Saturday, September 29, 2012

Low Yat Plaza

       Low Yat Plaza 

If You Can't Get It From Here,  

You Can't Get It Anywhere Else

It is perhaps the most popular IT 

shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur City; 

the one-stop IT destination for IT shoppers.

Shopping for Fiffie's lappy accessories
and Low Yat Plaza is just the the right place... 
but for the info, its Syima's lappy actually
but its too small to install some of Syima's Architecture 
programmes for her assignments, so she get to use the lap-top..
Since Fiffie is taking Business, the most she needed are the Words, Excel
and the Movie Maker as far as I was lead to understand..
I'm glad my kids always try their best to tolerate to each to other! ;)

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