Tuesday, August 7, 2012


UPSR trial exam for my Balqis and all primary 6 Malaysians student around the country...
All the best babe...

-C O U N T D O W N-

UPSR  11th - 13th  September 2012

UPSR is Primary School Evaluation Test, also known as Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah  [UPSR]

I heard somewhere student gave a new name to UPSR: the "Utmost Pressure on Student Ratings".;)

Where does this statement comes from? I wonder..
Exams are scary - but so is life.
UPSR is the first challenge in our lives, that makes it really a source of anxiety. But it is non-fatal - meaning you don't get thrown out of the school system if you fail in UPSR. It is just a warm up for more challenges in life  So it is just warm up, just a warm up - far from being the "Ultimate Pressure" although we still get our kids ready thru the year attending motivation after motivation hehehe...
ur alright Balqis?? ^_^

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