Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gown Designs

it has been a while since i hold these stuff or anything in concern of 

In my profile, i did mention being a designer/taylor at one time
as my profession. 
Once a upon a long2 time ago... ;D

but then, doing a dear friend a favor whose daughter
was about to marry but at the last minute notice, her designer
back off due to uncertain capability to manage the expensive 
material of the wedding gown itself...
i just got to be the 'hero' ;(
plus adding 2 more for these 2 sweet babies..
a gown for baby Putri &
a Punjabi suit for baby Boy...

'Cukur Jambol' Reception is a traditional practice
 in the Malay culture in Malaysia, its like a way to welcome
a new member of the family while announcing the name of the
baby officially and having shave off the baby borned hair to
have a new healthy growth of new hair in the near future..
followed by reciting the 'Marhaban' ...

the newly wedd couple...
may u both have all the blessing and happiness..

~ a friend in need is a friend in deed~

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