Friday, April 6, 2012

Broga HilL

On the 6th ApriL 2012, my 48th birthday. 
ah!mind you.. ! I never hide my age,;)
just glad to be alive and still healthy & kicking, 
though a bit down on the health side but then what to expect 
with nowadays life style and polluted environmental 
plus the stress of being a mom & a wife to a hubby whose experiencing  
mid-age crises in life :D

I decided i want to spend my birthday watching 'the sun rise'...
and appreciate what life and nature really gives...

not having my  hubby around will not stopped me 
from my adventure and the fun with my kids...
but among top priority in the preparation will be seeking doctor's advise..
I do know i have a slight high BP and to avoid 'ugly' circumstances 
on the suppose to be a fun day..
its better be safe than sorry~

the result : BP quit high actually(this I won't mention ;) but the doctor gave me a bit higher dose of med and check my BP again after 40min and 
my BP was back to 'un-alarming' reading and its OK!! 
I'm fit to climb BROGA HILL ;p
Broga Hill is not really a tough to hike hill and it takes roughly 40-50 minutes to reach the first lookout point. There are about 3-4 of them, each with slightly different view and the further you go, the higher it is,Although the hike is short, you may be surprised with the amazing view, which looks as if you are quite high above sea level.

Started our trip from home at about 3am and its about 45 min drive.
We climbed for  50min to reach the 1st point of BROGA HILL at 5.45am.
Its amazing to listen to the Azan Subuh at the hill coming 
from the mosque all over the kampung(village) nearby.. 
its seems like 'echoing' thru the sky, breaking the dawn...Subhanallah.

Little AbyL, 
the only 5 yrs old climber at that time

my 4 dalagitas..

tired but excited faces..
w/ Manong Otai & Masha(gf)

The view was 'amazing' in 1st light of the morning..
it will make you forget how tired you are after the climb
pheww..  :P

me & my 'gang' as 6am
when its bright enough to take a snap!!

off to the 2nd point..

rest again before moving to the 3rd point which is more rocky 
and going thru 'jungle' by the look of it behind there..


Observed >
they say...
spoiled shoes during the climb will be thrown by climbers
to the top of this tree, no point keeping it anyway
so 'adios'...

climbing up is easier than climbing down

SPRITE..replace energy
;D ;D ;D

horeyy... we did it!!



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