Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back way 1970's

 Having a business plus pleasure trip with  my hubby to Ipoh, Perak, the town my hubby growup and had his education  although he was born in Pahang.
We were waiting for a delivery which was suppose to be delivered by noon from North but was postpone till late evening. Having the whole day just for us...

He is good with story telling plus the humor too ;D

Mamak Restaurant 'BUNGA RAYA'
still actively ON business till today after more than 30 yrs..
so this is where he 'lepak'  and starts his bad habit of smoking when he 'fly' from highschool  with his classmates. its just a few minutes walk from his school.
oh my God.. hope the kids won't read this..hehehe

SMK Anderson, Ipoh. Again after 34 years,
that's the highschool he goes to.. 
actively involve in football and Hockey.. 
his father served in the force so he moves from barrack to another around the country..
he went to SK Cator Avenue Ipoh for his elementary just around the same area.

After doing a bit of shopping and a lot of sight seeing, we decided to meet up with our clients further North. Reach home very late but over all things looking good and bright...

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