Friday, September 9, 2011

☆Raya XPDC~pt1☆

>1st destination
2nd day Raya


Eldest Brother of my Hubby
we call him Abang Leman 
aka PakLong means eldest uncle

On this blessed day of Eid,
Paying a visit and seeking forgiveness from our parents is one of the
 priority event to complete the tradition of celebrating RAYA and 
since they are not around anymore 
We would like to pay our respect to Abang Leman 
as the eldest in the family on behalf of our late parents...
may u have a healthy heart along the way always... 
~Spend one night at Abang Leman's home~
tQ for the hospitality Kak Jah (the wife)
and the charming kids too...

my hubby say:~

In Malaysia...
that the most frequent questions ask by customers 
inquiring about a vehicle before deciding to buying it .. 

1) if he is MALAY > " the fuel economic?
2) if he is CHINESE > " fast can it go?
3) if he is INDIAN > " many passengers fitS in?

well..lucky us hehehe
we owned this Volvo 1984 that fits all the above requirements...

Fuel from KL to Kedah > RM70
Runs >160km/hr
Passengers > 9 pax


Front sit 3

Back sit 6

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