Saturday, October 22, 2011


They have done their wedding vows at the bride's hometown
today 22nd October 2011 
they are celebrating & welcoming daughther-inlaw at the bridegrooms family resident, 
apart from feasting relatives also to get both families of the bride & bridegroom
getting acquainted ..
it a custom~

closed up of my boss and his wife
~Mr & Mrs Musmuliadi Lasurung
congrates Boss, expanding the family eh... ;)

my 3 musketeers.. mwaah

sweet remembrance with the bride's mom..

The speech...
hope both of you live happily ever after ...

close f&f ....male only group photo..hehehe

.ღ ~tumpaNG berkat pegantin...;)

all in the family~

a snap with My Boss siblings..

door gifts from the respected groom family

Dewan Meranti;
Bdr Baru Sg Buluh
~very closed to our area.

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