Friday, October 7, 2011

Lendu~Sg Mati

Semester break starts on 5th Oct, 
so we were off to fetch Fiffy from her college at
Uitm, Lendu Melaka. 

after for almost 2 hours drive...
stopped by somewhere to ease the empty stomach..;)

leaving behind no track...;D

don't get this wrong k, sshhh...
the driver needs the nap to make him stay 'ON', 
for we are going home very2 late
tonite coz we are continuing our
trip all the way from Melaka to Muar, 
Johore( another state ) about more than an hour drive to visit 
my brother inlaw and have to attend some business matter...
that's my hubby..
talk about mixing business with pleasure!!
A N D~
for me...
well.. it just happened..hahaha
blamed that to Fiffy who haven't done packing yet,
so we waited for her like an hour or more...greeggh

at last, there she is...


glad to be able to spend quality time 
with the kids....
playing kites and plane paper..
at the field behind Pa'Ngah's home

DIY kite made of A4 paper.. ;)
did it fly..?
does it matter...?
the kids had the fun..

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