Thursday, October 20, 2011

I ♥ tOmpE'

summons the children around him while he scatched 
and shared his dream house with them
what wrong with dreaming... ;)

fantastic rite...!! 

 •1 kg flour
 •4 tbspn of sugar
 •4 pinch of salt 
 •1 big glasses of water
 •and oil just enough to form a dough
let the dough rest for about half hour and then just proceed as it is
~simple isn't it?? ;P

it goes along with almost everything like dal chah, any type of curry 
or just sweeten condense milk...
it could be kebab skin or lasagna skin
or maybe curry puff with a few modification with mesurement
of the pastry or pie, then you have to use butter instead of oil etc
but today we choose 
superlicious...that would be my family's comment!!!! ;P

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