Friday, October 14, 2011

Bleeding Knees :(

My hubby's glucose reading is not consistent ..
and the doctor says it not good..
my comment is > no discipline in diet,  sleeping very2 late 
and no workouts... 
needs to change Ga!!

so he decided we play badminton in front of the house and
making the gate as the 'net'...
we did it all the time since the rest of the children were little..
BUT this time after playing for 2 days in the row...
oacchh..!! I twisted an angle and fall..
(blammed to strong spirit of winning) ;D
and look what it cause me...
bleeding kness
hope it has nothing to do with
bleeding heart..?? huhuhu

 hurt myself a bit,
not that i'm not used to it...
its just that i'm not used to this at this age..;P
anyway, accidents happened!!

all for the sweat..

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