Monday, September 12, 2011

☆Raya XPDC☆ ~pt3


Penang Bridge

 Raya at Hubby's cousin..

serves with fresh salt water prawn..its big!!

 being a village girl...Syima ;)

looking back at Sweet memories at Kg.Nelayan, 
Teluk Kumbar, Pulau Pinang
Raya 2011

saying goodbye to cousins..

what's this...?

to keep everybody from sleeping while he is driving..
RM1 was collected from each of us as 'the prize'
for the winner..
~each represent whatever brand car ex Merz, Perdana or Honda etc and
who represent THAT car that we encounter on the highway the most
so everybody start counting while Amer tally in in his note book...

and the winner goes to A B A H..
(he got RM8 and bought him a box of 'rokok'..:P

My hubby can create an instand game
anywhere, anytime as always
he got the you all know what I mean..;P
leaving Penang and off to Perak will only take about less than 2 hours drive
but occasionally during any festive season in Malaysia...even highway will be jam
and its not a surprise that it took us about 10 hours from KL to Kedah!!
And it might take us...I don't know maysbe a few hours to reach Perak from Penang.


stopped to relax and comfort ourself

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