Friday, July 29, 2011

Qatam Quran

My daughther Balqis Maesara 11 yrs old has completed the recitation of 30 Juzuk of al-Quran in exactly a year. We have a joint event 'Kenduri' when she first started her reciting the Holy Quran on our 'Wedding Anniversary"  thanksgiving last 27th May 2010.
The benefits to be present, attend or performing a Majlis Khatam Quran is manifolds. According to one Hadith,there will be 70,000 malaikat in attendance as well.

The event began with the recitation of surah al-fatihah, followed by the recitation of verses of al-Quran by Balqis and her invited friends and classmates. The doa khatam was then read by Ustaz Ismail Ibrahim who by coinsidence is the son of my teacher in reciting Quran and who withness me on my Khatam quran event way back year 1986.

 My most respectfull Guru Ibrahim. He was a QARIH in Quran reciting Competition in the National Tilawah AlQuran those days.. and was a 'JOHAN MENANTI'.( it means he is unbeatable during his days..) Speaking about learning from the best ehh.. :)
At present he still serves as a Solemnizing Officer(IMAM) at JHEANS Sandakan, Sabah.

throughout the event...

The Majlis was 50% sponsored by D'Selera Catering Catering.

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