Sunday, May 29, 2011

MiD-TeRM holidays

School holidays is going to be @ HOME again this time,
 as Abah not coming home, 
Fiffy at College, 
Manung & Manang Syima working...
we just have to tolerate~
kids lets just enjoy each other company k...
and hope for the best.

starts with a traditional childhood game..

Batu Seremban 
or five stones game played by the girls.
  it needs five stones or five soft objects to play with.
 starting the game by throwing one of the stones on the air,
one at a time and sweeping another on the floor 
simultaneously catching the one you threw earlier on. 
The steps get more complicated as it gets through the stages.. 

I played this when i was little and i tell u....
I'M GOOD...hahahaha

what happened to abyL..
trying to get hold of the small soft objects,
of course he can't have it..pity ;))

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