Monday, April 25, 2011

RoTi TiSsuE


Roti Tissue is one of the most creative looking Mamak food.
Roti Tissue is a much thinner version of traditional Roti canai
almost as thin as a piece of 40-50cm round-shaped tissue. 
Roti Tissue is available at most local Mamak.
In Malaysia and also available in Singapore I think...hehehe
Roti tissue is sometimes coated with sweet substances, 
like sugar and Kaya (jam). Our roti was coated with honey..
 It is really a delicious dessert

Syima really worried she might be late for work just
 looking the roti tissue we're having for breakfast,
 we really are going to take time finishing it..
(need to inform her office..) hehehe

 ok...where should I start? 
at the top I guess, all the way up..
hahaha..can't help it!!

but honestly, 
we were taken by surprised looking at the 
size if the roti... which actually took 4 square plates line up 
on the table to served the roti tissue..
and we have glances and smiles from people sitting
from the other tables at the restaurant..
omg...can we manage to finish it??

-end up in the plastic as take away-
^_^ hehehe

very funny experience...

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