Monday, April 4, 2011

♫*Wishing upon a STAR*♫

Nubhan Official Fan Club or NUBIES, 
had organised a celebration for Nubhan's 25th Birthday 
at Scrumptious Restaurant, KL >3/4/2011 

FYI, Nubhan's actual birth date is 2 April 1986.

Being a Senior Nubies, 
I was excited to joined the celebration this year
but not my girls, they can't make it, they are working now
and my hubby was ready to babysit the little ones..
and he was patient enoungh sending and picking me after the event...
thanks dear...;)

There were fun activities lined up for about 50 Nubies who turned up for the bash. 
The hall in the Scrumptious Restaurant was also transformed from 
the usual red and white decor to blue and silver,
 the theme of Nubhan's Wishing Upon A Star 25th Bithday celebration.

the food really match my appetite...
its my taste indeed..!! hehehe

sitting with Nubhan's sis & babies..
the only sibbling of Nubhan who represent the family,
aside from the Uncle who leads the thanksgiving prayers 
and his Antie Ruzi ...

and of course..
Nubhan is entertainning the Nubies..

*♫HappY B'dAy NuBs...
               all the best from Umi 
                                                 (that's what he address me)*♫•*♫*


 the event was published in the local news:
some pic & notes credit to

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