Thursday, April 14, 2011

Live Band@Curve

close up look at the group performing at 
'the street'@Curve..
most of them are Filipinos, they're really good 
singing the 'evergreen..'. 

appreciating the moments spended with Fiffy
before reporting herself at UiTM Melaka this coming
21st of May 2011 in diploma in MBA. 

sitting right in front of the performing group,
ahhh...releasing stress!! hehehe


  1. Mcm kenal jer mee tu, hehehe...
    Lama da kite tak lepak sana kan?
    When can we meet??

  2. yes! mee udang...hahaha
    miss u too.
    transport problem at the moment huhu
    will try 2 arrange asap...k


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