Friday, April 15, 2011


Insurance is about helping people
Helping them protect
their assets, maintain their lifestyle
and built a better future.

In everything we do, we keep
things as simple as possible,
we deliver on our promise and
we place people over politics,
That's how we humanize insurance.

In do doing so. we act with
professionalism, empathy,
courage and integrity.
We make a difference,
by doing it the Etiqa Way.

Our lives are subjected to risks of disability and death due to accidental and natural causes like flood, fire or earthquakes. Death or accidents causing permanent or temporary disability affects the income of a household. The family of the victim is placed in hardship. At times survival is at stake for the remaining family. During such a juncture life insurance is required. Risks are capricious. Accidents take place at a time when least expected. So, it is very essential for every individual to have a life insurance.

Human life is precious and its value can't be measured with a sum of money. Taking insurance is a step to compensate the family members of the insured person. You cant get your loved one back from death. But his sudden loss will never put you in difficulty if you have his life insured. Life insurance is a scheme, which assures a certain sum of money in the form of benefit to the dependants of the insured person. The life insurance schemes are designed in such a way so that a particular amount of money is given to the beneficiaries in case of sudden death of the insured person. So you can avoid complete loss of income in case of sudden death or accident of the insured person if you have a good policy planned beforehand...

PLANNING.. meaning financially!!
Not just death but protect us of OLD AGE, DISEASES & ACCIDENTS so we can maintain our LIFESTYLE or EDUCATION PLAN for our kids..etc
And most of all.  protecting our SAVING which we are creating  LIABILITIES & FD for our future undertaking..

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