Wednesday, March 16, 2011

F^Nf@lR! weeehhhh...

One month funfair at Sg Buloh..
just about 10 minutes drive from home...
>a token/RM2..
each game require 2 tokens...!!
Yeepeee...Umi is blowing out..:( ;P

this beautiful pic is credited to MH Yap

>M. Qutai
>Meor - M.Qutai's bff
>Marsha - M.Qutai gf

Octopus ride..
~pretty ain't she..
.the Octopus!

to me this was the most frightening ride...
short but the weird thing, every time it reaches an angle..
you'll really feel the sharpness and like its likely your going to be thrown away..!!
Just worried for my two girls, I'm not even concentrating on the ride...

Hubby is riding this one...hehehe
taking turn to take care the little boy who was
forever scared of everything...
and making all sorts of excuses not to follow!!

this is the little boy I'm talking about...AbyL
and this was the only game he played..
I don't know how Abah got him to ride this....hehehe

Syasya and the others on the Swingging Chairs

the view from the top of the ....SPINNING  WHEEL

this will spin 360degree around...huwaahh
the kids were saying that my srceam was the first heard
just as the thing started...hehehe
~I'll take the challange!! ehemm2
tnx 4 the snap Ga...

the 3 stodgers with Abah...
while waiting for Umi spinning round & round..;)0

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