Saturday, March 19, 2011

D' Selera Catering

 Mr Bob...CEO 
for reservation..pls click on link

 With Hubby, making sure everything is in order...
(2day..I was the camera man, no pic 4 me..;P)
thanks Bob for the new experience and 
we are really glad to be part of your squad
even just for today...

and having to visit Seri Endon Hall at Putrajaya, KL

 they do Ice Crafting

 Nasi Minyak..
(google it urself..hehehe)
words can't express it...mmmm!!

 Sweet & Sour Fish fillets
Herba sauce (very unique) its my favorite btw..
papadom( Indian Crackers)

the Chef...

traditional wedding numbers...

the invited guest

All the best, and hope you proper...amin

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  1. D Selera is lousy. Dont ever doing any business with them.


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