Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ApprenticE CluB FEB

@5 Star HoteL 

>PrincE HoteL KL<

I'm over excited to share this post as it has been quiet awhile 
not knowning 'if it's still THERE in me..!!'



Achievement ..!  etc

HoteL Entrance...

 The grand Lobby..

Invitation but not for me...
Greeting from agency Development 

Salam 1Etiqa,Dear To All Agency Leaders/Career Agents 

We invite to All Career Agents to attend " Career Agent Conference" on: 
Date          : 10-11 March 2011 

Venue : Prince Hotel & Residence 
              Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
 For those living outside of Kuala Lumpur, we will provide accommodation.
 Please return with registrations from before 
25 February 2011 
To : Mohamad Amin Fax: 03 2785 5252
 Attendance Participants is COMPULSORY! 

 We highly appreciate your presence to enhance the knowledge of science is presented to the participants

Thanks & Best Regards
 Mohamad Amin Abdullah
Life Agency Development
Tel   :03 2785 5230
Fax   :03 2785 5252

Agency Leaders and Carrier Agents/Unit Managers ONLY
which I'm not any of those YET..;)
but as a qualifier to 'Apprentice Club', and the
only representative from Sandakan Agency in tittle me a room
in this 5 star Hotel and to attend the
" Career Agent Conference"
and I have been longing for such seminar to sharpen my 
knowledge as one of the most important tool to my success in this business..
and this really means a great deal for me..
I know...
I still have it..!! 

yellow Etiqa  diary... as door gift
~only those who attended the conference can have this..;P

Mind Power by Mr Sukhdev Singh

Strategic Planning in Business 
by Mohd Zulkufli Zakaria
Corporate Planner
and a Lecturer

take 5... ;)

I myself worked hard for this..
ask my Unit Manager>myhubby..hehehe

our bedroom view..
the city of KL


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