Monday, April 25, 2011

RoTi TiSsuE


Roti Tissue is one of the most creative looking Mamak food.
Roti Tissue is a much thinner version of traditional Roti canai
almost as thin as a piece of 40-50cm round-shaped tissue. 
Roti Tissue is available at most local Mamak.
In Malaysia and also available in Singapore I think...hehehe
Roti tissue is sometimes coated with sweet substances, 
like sugar and Kaya (jam). Our roti was coated with honey..
 It is really a delicious dessert

Syima really worried she might be late for work just
 looking the roti tissue we're having for breakfast,
 we really are going to take time finishing it..
(need to inform her office..) hehehe

 ok...where should I start? 
at the top I guess, all the way up..
hahaha..can't help it!!

but honestly, 
we were taken by surprised looking at the 
size if the roti... which actually took 4 square plates line up 
on the table to served the roti tissue..
and we have glances and smiles from people sitting
from the other tables at the restaurant..
omg...can we manage to finish it??

-end up in the plastic as take away-
^_^ hehehe

very funny experience...

Friday, April 15, 2011


Insurance is about helping people
Helping them protect
their assets, maintain their lifestyle
and built a better future.

In everything we do, we keep
things as simple as possible,
we deliver on our promise and
we place people over politics,
That's how we humanize insurance.

In do doing so. we act with
professionalism, empathy,
courage and integrity.
We make a difference,
by doing it the Etiqa Way.

Our lives are subjected to risks of disability and death due to accidental and natural causes like flood, fire or earthquakes. Death or accidents causing permanent or temporary disability affects the income of a household. The family of the victim is placed in hardship. At times survival is at stake for the remaining family. During such a juncture life insurance is required. Risks are capricious. Accidents take place at a time when least expected. So, it is very essential for every individual to have a life insurance.

Human life is precious and its value can't be measured with a sum of money. Taking insurance is a step to compensate the family members of the insured person. You cant get your loved one back from death. But his sudden loss will never put you in difficulty if you have his life insured. Life insurance is a scheme, which assures a certain sum of money in the form of benefit to the dependants of the insured person. The life insurance schemes are designed in such a way so that a particular amount of money is given to the beneficiaries in case of sudden death of the insured person. So you can avoid complete loss of income in case of sudden death or accident of the insured person if you have a good policy planned beforehand...

PLANNING.. meaning financially!!
Not just death but protect us of OLD AGE, DISEASES & ACCIDENTS so we can maintain our LIFESTYLE or EDUCATION PLAN for our kids..etc
And most of all.  protecting our SAVING which we are creating  LIABILITIES & FD for our future undertaking..

For more info contact me at

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Live Band@Curve

close up look at the group performing at 
'the street'@Curve..
most of them are Filipinos, they're really good 
singing the 'evergreen..'. 

appreciating the moments spended with Fiffy
before reporting herself at UiTM Melaka this coming
21st of May 2011 in diploma in MBA. 

sitting right in front of the performing group,
ahhh...releasing stress!! hehehe

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

♫*Wishing upon a STAR*♫

Nubhan Official Fan Club or NUBIES, 
had organised a celebration for Nubhan's 25th Birthday 
at Scrumptious Restaurant, KL >3/4/2011 

FYI, Nubhan's actual birth date is 2 April 1986.

Being a Senior Nubies, 
I was excited to joined the celebration this year
but not my girls, they can't make it, they are working now
and my hubby was ready to babysit the little ones..
and he was patient enoungh sending and picking me after the event...
thanks dear...;)

There were fun activities lined up for about 50 Nubies who turned up for the bash. 
The hall in the Scrumptious Restaurant was also transformed from 
the usual red and white decor to blue and silver,
 the theme of Nubhan's Wishing Upon A Star 25th Bithday celebration.

the food really match my appetite...
its my taste indeed..!! hehehe

sitting with Nubhan's sis & babies..
the only sibbling of Nubhan who represent the family,
aside from the Uncle who leads the thanksgiving prayers 
and his Antie Ruzi ...

and of course..
Nubhan is entertainning the Nubies..

*♫HappY B'dAy NuBs...
               all the best from Umi 
                                                 (that's what he address me)*♫•*♫*


 the event was published in the local news:
some pic & notes credit to

Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday Breakfast

Syafiqah Fiffy ...
27th March 2011

~A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend~

It falls on SUNDAY, 
but it happens to be working days for the big kids,
Manang Syima still insists a family gathering and she organised
all the schedule's for everybody and decided that the only time
convenient would be in the morning at 9..
(near her work station coz she reports at 10.ooam)

Location : 
Kota Damansara
~ no cafe available that time accept our favorite

Mamak Restaurant 

Menu : 

>  Nasi Bryani
>  Squid Curry 
>  papadom
>  meat with soya sauce
>  fried chicken
>  sweet & sour fish
> teh tarik...

lucky coz Abah was around this time..

Chocolate Chess Cake

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