Monday, March 14, 2011

Seminar Selling

I'm not going to blab more about my hubby,
coz I'll be telling the truth and nothing but the truth...hihihi

Once upon a time...he's known as
'the King Of Insurance'
ask them...hehehe

till he was distracted by other nonsense in his life,
making himself still very busy but unfortunately not effective..
he say...busy doing nothing is also ~BUSY ;)

Seminar selling is his Mastery...

 An afternoon with D' Selera Catering Staff..

closed 60% of the attendance...

the CEO of D' Selera Catering
tns for the cooperation Mr Bob..
(he signed up RM1M policy with my hubby...)

HQ D'Selera/ Show Room Catering at Cheras

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