Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Watching fireflies@kg.Kuantan,Kuala Selangor

Watching fireflies is an enchanting experience, there is nothing like cruising on a boat along the river in the night to capture the beauty of this natural wonder. The best time to watch is 1-4 hours after sunset. A nervous excitement fills us as we stepped into the boat, as the darkness is quite thick at first.  In a matter of moments your eyes adjust and the fairy like lights of the fireflies line the shore.   The fireflies inhibit the branches of a certain tree, the "berembang" which line the riverbank

We rode on the boat and travel along the river to see 
the fireflies on the river banks, at about 9pm..
ready guys..?

On Balqis's palm...little firefly

a close look of firefly..
(i google this...hehehe)

 Amazing creatures..Subhanallah

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