Wednesday, January 26, 2011

♥AbyL is 4..

On the 
                 25th January 2011

Children bring innocent charm and, 
if yours are like mine, 
a whole lot of mischief to boot.
If you have kids at home, 
there is a chance that you might miss out on appreciating the way they 
enrich your life....

 so that when your children think of fairness and integrity,
 they think of you.   

Sunday, January 16, 2011 the lake

its a windy noon and i'm not feeling that well..flu off and on! 
Not in the mood for home cooking and in need of fresh air, out door air!!
So i decided to take the kids to have lunch by the lake 
which is just a few minutes away from home. 
Further more...
its our off day, coincidentally!!

its a very peaceful spot...
notice people behind fishing?
we'll fish next time..;)

'nasi kukus ayam berempah' 
'fried spice chicken with steamed rice'
it comes package with
*curry/kurma sauce,
*sambal belacan(spicy prawn paste)
*cucumber/pineapple salad


what's that up the sky Sya...?
a bird..? a plane...? just a kite..! hehehe

another family on purpose to fly kite by the lake...

sort of a light house...

While we try to teach our children all about life, 
our children teach us what life is all about...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Season Of The Witch

The tittle itself interest me...
there's a story behind it..hehehe
from a back-bitter who is more evil than a witch..
because such evilness came from the person herself while
the witch in this movie was possessed by the demon..

this wasn't the movie we untented to watch,
it was suppose to be a 'horror movie' recommended by a friend BOB...
I forgot the tittle..;))

massage machine while waiting...

enjoying the scenery while polluting the air...hehehe
know what I mean...?

e@Curve formally known as CinemaLeisure

4x4 on fire..

No info on this incident, 
as we happen to passed by the traffic light near our home
and came across a 4 wheel drive on fire..
No one was hurt... thank God.
the driver was a lady and was in great shocked...pity!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sop Gear Box


Define "Sop Gear Box"....
I'll try in the most detail i may go...
its a big cow knee bone served in a big bowl full of spicy soup. When served you can smell the strong aroma of spice and cooked meat. The thickness of the soup is not come from any powder like western soup but comes from the bones and meat itself, so they say..
The most interesting part is its comes along with a straw to zip up the bone narrow..
soo gooodd...hehehe

try it!!

someone is sulking ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 the beach


waiting turn for the 'jet sky' ride

tnx to Balqis for this pic...


BarBecuE@Pangkor Beach


at the Kayns Resort, Port Dickson SEREMBAN 
we had the best outdoor barbecue ever on the beach to celebrate the
~ New Year of 2011~

among the delicious choices of barbecues...
really yummy.. ;P

a way to start a new year..

grant me the 
to accept the things i cannot change
to change the things i can
and the
to know the difference...


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