Saturday, October 30, 2010


October 28th 2010


 Own by the Throne of N.Sembilan

believe to be the biggest swimming pool resort in ASIA

An informal meeting with a family member of the Throne of NS

YB Tengku....

 telling the Tengku stories about his deadly experience
 during his line of duty in the Police Force...
those where the days I would say My hubby, My hero..;)

 Tnx William and yes just inform us the 'camp' date
for the holiday plan.. 

p.s. MC means 'Medical  Checkup'..^_^
      other day!!

my hubby requested it to take me to Negeri Sembilan to join him in this meeting
with Tengku, on the way home we have to stopped by a clinic to collect my MC receipt in order 
not having an AWOL(absent without leave) and get my performance bonus effected but unfortunately after my!! BP 161/100 pheww... but i'm feeling great ;)
So no big deal...just excited maybe

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