Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raya Open House 2010

~Everybody's home for Raya 2010~

the 1st day of Raya will be spend within close family at home (balik kampung). In Malaysia 'balik kampung'  becomes one of most important tradition where all public transportation (plane,train or bus) will be fully booked even 3 days before the festive day and highway traffic will be jam..cause people makes it their priority to gather in their parents home on the morning of Raya...!!    
Then the next day and through out the month, everybody will take the advantance of the holy month to visit friends and family to get together and seek forgiveness and do a lot of catching up  of what's happening in each of their respective life...this hopefully will bring families and friends more closer to each other...

 one of the families we manage to visit on this year Raya is the Anshary family.. good friend and God-sister for my mom happen to be her Godmother and
her elder sis is my cousin's we are close!! 
her hubby is a MAS pilot and all with her beautiful and talented children..
We really enjoy your supercilious cooking Day...hehehe

on the way to Cheras for Intan Latif's open house..
all set and happy but was losted for almost 2 hours, cannot find the 
address and was so hungry.. :(

 but alas found it...!!
Intan Latif is my online friend. We went to her wedding just last March..
Well, just confused by her address I guess..
ahhh... all happy and of course full belly!! hahaha

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