Wednesday, September 15, 2010

.:*´¨`*Bunga Api Time*´¨`*:.

Pity Abah...
after several days hunting for kerosene to light up the 'OBOR' meaning 'TORCH' to add up the Raya Festive atmosphere at home but was in vain. He flew off to Sabah this afternoon (on the 4th day of Raya) and left us to continue celebrating the month of Eid Mubarak..

Well actually was just a MISSED COMMUNICATION!!
Seems like in the city, the don't understand kerosene or gasoline but i don't know...when manong went to buy it, he mention 'MINYAK TANAH' (same meaning of course!!) and he got it... hehehe

Manong Qutai....
supplier of 200pcs of sticks sparcles(bunga api)
so happy with

fun time...weeee

Raya Decor..
1. Obor - torch
2. ketupat leaf made of ribbon
3. color lights
4. fire sparkle stick- bunga api

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