Monday, May 10, 2010

ThE sEcrEt GaRdEn 0F 1-Utama

~ Just Me and My Girls on Mother's Day..(ops..! & 1 baby boy..) hehehe

Since its only us.., we decided to spend the day out, ANYWHERE..!! and at 5.30pm, we voted for 1-Utama. We seldom go there coz its just too big, really..! its one of the biggest shopping Mall in Malaysia and its going to be very tiring..!! Futhermore... a mall is just another mall. But thinking back its just about 20 minutes drive from our place and we did heard about its famous Rain Forest which is right in-side the mall itself..

The 1-Utama Shopping Mall which is in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia is a good example whereby green architectural and engineering concepts and techniques are incorporated into its design and development for it is also acknowledged for its Best Architecture & Interior Design. . isn't it interesting!! ;)

AbyL..frighten by the golden fishes so closed to him! huhu :)

A mother's day card(paper actually..hehe)
A wish and A tiny gift..
from babygirls..
-Balqis & Syasya-

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