Tuesday, May 25, 2010


May 23th 2010
Those who have adventurous heart like ours are only those who will understand why we took this trip.
Apart from being able to spend time together, we just love to have new experience in life..activities such as camping, being on highway meaning long drive etc.. is always our choice of holidaying!!

My brother in-law HANIF..
hubby's youngest bro is a trailer driver so we decided to 'friend' him on his trip to 
Terengganu which is about 7-8 hours from Kuala Lumpur. 
This is so exciting..
I've never been in a trailer as big as this...
WOW...!! looking out from a high vehicle window, 
its like a moving building.. 
I think i'm exaggerating here..!! hehehe

stopped at the Warehouse/godown to pickup the Cargo

snap2...the so exited faces!! at about 8.30 pm

but in the end...
we never even manage to be out of the city..
engine stops!!
at about 1 hour away from KL.
call for back up...
back up came and its get worsen when the assistant foremen 
mistakenly charge the battery...
I don't really know how it happened as i was asleep that time and 
BOOMM!! the battery exploded!!

but not the end of the fun anyway....

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