Thursday, June 11, 2009

R & R Sempah, Karak Highway

D'Adventure trip 2 < 7.6.09 >

Camping at R & R Sempah, Karak Highway.. was really comfortable sleeping in our tents, in the park of the R&R(restaurant & restroom) by the highway, its a bit chilly and its just  less than 2 hours drive distance from our home...hahahaha

While waiting for the mechanic to come 
from the city then fix the car somemore..
As usual..we make used of our time having more fun..
yeah! celebrate Father's Day pt 1(if there's a pt 1,sure there's a pt 2 coming up..hehehe)

Syima..baked a cake from home specially for Abah, melt some chocolate on our mini stove for the topping and decor it with m&m's..
lovely and yummy!!

we party there..
make some noise with 'pops' and mess it with string sprays. Cooked/fried our seafood as in fishballs, fishcakes, crabrolls, cuttlefishcakes and wedges etc right on the table with our mini camping stove.
Yeah..!! its a real happening!!
Happy Abah Day...

Move late in the afternoon after the Volvo was done.
Ready to continue our trip.(talk about no retreat, no surrender huh..? ;)
BUT unfortunately after just a few kilometers drive..
the Volvo braked jammed again..!
Again we called the mechanics and again we have to wait..huhu

We dragged and reach to the closest Petronas Gas Station and looked what waits us there... another fun time..! Its a new experience, ROCKCLIMBING!!

2 b continue.. ;)


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