Friday, May 28, 2010

HaPpY B'dAy HuBbY_k♥

27th May 2010

WELCOME..2 the 'Golden Age' Club..hehe

HapPy3 on his haPpY 50th yrs. Still sweet la..!
my hindustan hero, AniL KapooR.. hahaha 

My hubby..
Jamail Ismail was born 50 yrs ago on 27th May 1960 at exactly 3.05am.
Respectively by beloved parents..
Ismail Darus and Kalsom Abu Bakar at Barek Polis Benta, Pahang.

Thanks to the Almighty, we are able to celebration the double celebration  this year with 'Majlis Baca Doa Selamat dan Yassin'..means Thanksgiving!! 
Hope we have the BERKAT (blessing) in our future undertaking.
A lot of test we have been through our life together, ups and downs, thick and thin and still here we are..side by side!! Alhamdulillah.. I believe... all happened for a reason and for as long as we try hard to tolerated with each other and understand each others needs/weakness according to our FAITH, will still be 'us' till death do us part..inyaAllah. ~lily~

We invited Jemaah from Masjid for the 'Doa Selamat & baca Yassin'...
for the 50th birthday blessing..
for Our Anniversary blessing...
for the late parents of Abah
♥ Qatam Quran for Syima/Fiffy
 Balqis who starts Reciting Quran 

Pulut Kuning (yellow glutinous rice) with Meat Curry
Nasi minyak with Chicken Kurma..

Bunga Telor

a cute pink cake, Abah's choice.. ;)

friends & family...

heavy traffic in my

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