Saturday, April 17, 2010

Visit Hospital week


Aisyah@Narnia(internet nickname) is my online friend. She just did  knee surgery due to badminton fall 

as a result from her falling during playing badminton her knee injury..hemarthrosis (collection of blood inside her knee joint which cause swelling and great pain..,                                    

so she had to for go surgery and lots of physical therapy..its going to take her knee a long long rest to heal...poor Ajm..hehehe... eh? why not poor Narnia..? ^_^

tnx to Shikin@mamapip, for her kind heart... ;)
Narnia...speedy recovery!!


IJN - National Heart Institute

Abang Leman (eldest brother in-law) was rushed all the way from Sg Petani Hospital, Kedah to IJN, Kuala Lumpur by an anbulance at 1am - 12/4/10.   
He's here for a Stress Test to undergo a Heart Bypass surgery 

Heart/Cardiac bypass surgery is an operation to restore the flow of blood through the arteries that supply blood to the heart, when a blockage or partial blockage occurs in these arteries...

For this, the patient have to have a Cardiac Stress Test, which is a medical test that indirectly reflects arterial blood flow to the heart during physical exercise, compared to blood flow during rest,

p.s. Semoga Abg berjaya dan cepat sembuh..amin.

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