Saturday, April 11, 2009

BoRnEo wF LuV-pt2

6th April 09

Kota Kinabalu

We arrived quiet late and put up at Asia City HoteL.
Yesterday was a long and tiring journey and
today we started our day quiet late..

Its my Birthday !!

We went shopping..
My hubby got me a Jimmy Choo Hand Bag & a Levis Jeans...
(isn't it sweet..!) he even insisted for me to do my hair..hehe
but no tnx..

Rasa Ria Resort Sport Center

refresh..! refresh..!
We spend a lot of sweet moments in this place back then... acted of a spur, we just come over and have a dipped in the
sea for a swim, then come home wet..
'who get home with nothing but just a T..?'

Sitting under the shed..enjoying the breeze while
looking back the nostalgia of this place..
meanwhile Umi's turn to take the shot..ops! hmm :)

At other time..we all came here, 
and the boys just simply jump in the water with their spender
like nobody's bussiness..hey! was it a new spender..??hahaha
crazy kids+crazy abah + ....I'm fine ok!! lol
we really missed the moments...

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