Friday, April 30, 2010

KLIA~bye Lutfy!

suppose to be posted at PutraJaya KL,
but changed of posting after 3 months in KL..
off to Sarawak...

talk about reckless driver~
snap this pic while driving..
those who is closed to me, they know I love taking pictures..hehehe

the airport departure entrance..
actually..I love that smile and sharing it~myfiffy!!

snack in the car on the way to the airport,
tnx Abang Lutfy..
ops! NO EATING in the car..Abah will be mad!! ;)


All the best.. Lutfy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

A quiet Sunday with kids,
watched up-loaded movie from Syima's tiny bitcy lappy on my bed right right after waking up in the morning with Balqis, Syasya & AbyL.. ;)

I kind of like this movie, I really liked Johnny Depp anyway..;)
I'm going to rated this movie..what say you..?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

PooLside RESV


A friend of Faye..Souraya, invited me to her 21st birthday!!
Location :  My poolside..! hehehe

Faye & Friend Souraya.. B'day GirL ^_^

d' happennings.. ;)

Pix taken by FiFFy <the way she see..>

Thursday, April 22, 2010

MXM International


At Phileo Damansara..

I was approach by Shukri through FB msg and invites me to a meeting at Phileo Damansara for an interesting bussiness opportunity. I was intrigued by the product but the timing is just not right at the moment.

Briefly..Its a Medical Card which covers hospital charges and medical costs for critical illness as well as immediate cash returns. Its recognized nationwide..

I spended the whole afternoon exploring the building organization and manage to take a few snap for the record..

 At the entrance.. wow! gold!!

one of the benefit for agents is free membership at the gym..
that's inspiring,considering the cost for that nowadays..

Monday, April 19, 2010



For three days on the row,  as I went out to fetch my kids from school... we encounter police making their rounds at our area on horses. The fact is they are making a crowd from one school to another and so as traffic...not that it bothers me, it was fun actually. It's like a show..look at kids, they are so excited..hahaha
Are they called 'Musketeers'? Well, I'm not sure..but I heard. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Genting Highland


Faye planned this a month ago, all on her expense!
WOW...Luv U!! mwaahhx

Homework3 time..

Filling Up Saturday..

Everybody... buzz buzz buzz..!!
while Umi is on a trip to.....?? hehehe

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Visit Hospital week


Aisyah@Narnia(internet nickname) is my online friend. She just did  knee surgery due to badminton fall 

as a result from her falling during playing badminton her knee injury..hemarthrosis (collection of blood inside her knee joint which cause swelling and great pain..,                                    

so she had to for go surgery and lots of physical therapy..its going to take her knee a long long rest to heal...poor Ajm..hehehe... eh? why not poor Narnia..? ^_^

tnx to Shikin@mamapip, for her kind heart... ;)
Narnia...speedy recovery!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

London Weight Management


with RM18 (1+1 package),
Faye & I ..we just enjoyed a mini spa today ;

     body Scrub
     hot blanket

   The best part was we came home 300gm lighter, hahaha
   We did weight before and after...!!   *o*

the products...

the staff...pretty eh?

towel and a purse filled with shower body trim trial set as 'goody begs'.. ;)

My so sweet Faye..

two glamorous mom..heheh

Sounds like a happy ending..right? Actually...not really!!And it didn't starts right too. Faye was with her 2 little ones at Mid Valley when she came a cross  London Weight Management boot and got the ticket one day before. It was the promotion for the month  . She told me about it later and ask if I'm interested. hubby was about to be home from out station any time then.. why not...ehem2. ;) 
We planned the day, the date, the baby sitter and everything was set accept one more ticket..!! Ok, we'll go to the nearest shopping mall and that's the Curve... oh ow! No LWM boot over there. So we went to Mid Valley...but can't locate the boot...Faye is lost n confused! :(  By now my foot starts to have blisters and it hurts ( btw, its a new shoes.. a gift from Faye hehe) . We call LWM the Curve, they agree to accept one ticket for two but the package mention wont be the same. ohh... whatever!! BACK to the Curve from Mid Valley. Appointment was at 5.30pm. We were there on time...
a call from home...
THE BABYSITTER GET HERSELF LOCKED IN THE ROOM.! All the kids ..age10,8,4,3,2 was left outside by themselves almost an hour!!Imagine the havoc..some are sleepy, crying and shouting!! I can hear them thru the fon. We thought of cancelling the appointment but after all that effort! NO WAY, we postponed it to 6.30pm. and rushed home. OMG! the house...up-side-down!. Did everything but fail to open the door. The knot was jam!! On to the hero!

Faye came out with her kung-fu and fying kicked the door twice...BANG!! the door sprang open..!!  fuyoo..
"Where did that strength came from Faye..? was it inspired by LWM??" hahaha
At last the babysitter was rescue after 2 hours, trapped!!
Settling everything at to LWM~
Done. Its 9pm.

Another call...from my hubby..have to cancel flight home! :(
Ahh...all this make my tummy gramble. so what! with the 300gm i losted!! Come Faye, let's eat then maybe a late movie...

And again..another call!!
This time its Syima..stranded at the mamak stall, no bus!!  Please, fetch her..eerrggg!!

p.s. btw, the babysitter, it was Fiffy! hahaha


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