Thursday, March 25, 2010


 The idea was self cleansing, from all negative thought...
body & soul,
is it as easy as washing cars or tidying the kitchen,
maybe!!or at least you can kill the time and limit the thoughts...right.?


the truth is our my car parks right under a big tree and it is like fall in KL.
specially this season...wet n dry!! it's hot in the morning till noon and rains in the evening...
Imagine the flowers n leaves on top of the car, and bird shit too!!... oh dear...

Wow!! Sparx..., this doesn't happen everyday!!
not when your the housekeeper,
your the teacher,
your the cleaner,
your the driver,
your the nanny,
the chef..
 and of course....most of all
with the FB n now blogging....hehehe

aM ! @ dOmEsT!c dEvA...???

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