Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Intan Latif's Wedding..20/3/10

End of 1st semester holiday...

I decided to bring the kids out since Hubby is postponing  his fight home, have to act fast..
They shouldn't feel lost and sad for hubby's absence...

Intan Latif is an Internet friend...
my invitation was on the bride side which was last week at Langkawi but can't make it there so here we are at the bridegroom's place in Kg.Baru Cheras. Honestly..I never drive there but whart the heck...there's always 1st time and its going to be trill...hehehe

its quiet a lovely kampung scenery. in the middle of the city!!

The bride and the bridegroom..

wow...meet a few nubies(Nubhan FC) there too.
Great to see you guys...miss you all!! 
Its awhile we never join any event..

Saying congrates n wishing all the best 
to both the newly weds..

'kompang'...make some noise!!hehehe

Entertained by a group performing 'silat'
 a Malay traditional martial art...

Next... to the sport planet to join Nubies event, FUTSAL..
dunnu where the place is as usual..CONVOI!! ;)

hahaha...look! whose at the wrong place on the wrong time..

just faithful cheering audition..go nubies go!!
(actually its just a friendly match..nubies Vs nubies..hehehe

what happen Fiffy...look busy...;)

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