Wednesday, January 13, 2010

J. Bovier

p.s   Please don't be jealous k...^_^

 I just want to share my sweet memoirs...

you know...its not everyday that someone will tolerate with your request and put so much effort in fulfilling it,
my hubby did!!   ~don't he always if he could...hehehe

It took us 2 days to hunt for it particularly...the brand was not really an issue but it must not be GOLD..!
~Moslem man is strictly forbidden to wear GOLD or even gold pleated accessories or any accessories AT ALL accept a non-gold ring.
Same goes for SATIN too!~
So..its the patern and the size 
( and the prize too..hehe )
that counts and
that brought us from The Store shopping Mall at Sg Buloh..
located about 20 min from our home 
(without the trafficjam..hehe)
Nope!! ...can't find it there...

So..the next day, we continue to search all the way to the city as it so happened we have an appointment there and thanks to a good good friend who offers to do the driving and have no idea of our secret mission, and thats 2 in 1... ;), sorry and thanks Man..
anyway, still really nothing 'clicks..'

My hubby said, it has to be Chow Kit Road....
there's rows of shop buildings along the street and a lot of goldsmith shops and its true...its GOLDsmith shops...
So again, next!

The Mall at Putra Place KL city centre...'

At last, got it!! and it was on 50% SALES  pheeeww...

and look what I have, a bonus..the matching watch!!
i have secretly yearning for this
isn't it great...and fun. ;)

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