Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fauzi & Zalina RESV

14th Feb2010.


Fauzi & Zalina...,
hubby's step sister's daughter Engagement Reception was celebrated with thanksgiving @Majlis Tahlil n Doa Selamat.
Hubby is in Singapore...
so its just me and the kids!!
As usual, my driving licence only covered my hometown so its time to widen my area and test my sense of direction...(which is, i hate to admit is actually at 'poor' level!! :(
Not to worry, I have my 'live' GPS,  thanks to Man (on the 1st day) & Latif (on the 2nd day)..hehehe

In this pix...
this is the ceremony, when the girl to be engage is waiting for the her future mother in-law to 'put on' the engagement ring on behalf of her son..
she sure is nervous and excited..hehehe

Gifts from the IN-LAWS TO BE...

with my in-laws, a lot of catching up to do ... ;)

this was taken specially to get my hubby jealous...lol

Hubby's Stepmom..

Hubby's younger sis Lah, 
she n her 'gang' spended the nite at home..
7 am! its too early for picturetaking, hehehe

..all the single ladies, ah ah ah~

ready to move, in the early wee of the morning...

From Putrajaya~

                           We decided to move on our expedition or should I say adventure  (coz I'm driving..hehehe), after lunch. We were escorted by Latif to the highway junction, and from there we were on our own. We are to pay attention to the SIGN BOARDS..advised Abah, on his last call.Yes,Ga!!
We stopped by at the station to fill up fuel and change...

These are my co-pilots and plus..Qutai
and these are the faces they were wearing till the end of the journey
(i think its not of excitement but more of anxiety..) lol
they keep asking...
*Umi, are we on the right track...?
*why is it that if Abah drives, we can reach faster..?? #$%^&*
Hellooo............if Abah drives, 
everybody is so comfortable and relax coz you're confident , 
while if Umi drives..everybody is so anxious and involved, 
some busy reading sign boards, 
others making sure we wont miss the junction and
making noise (singing and telling jokes) so Umi won't feel sleepy..hahaha

Melaka...here we come (this wasn't in the plan..hehe)


a snap, while asking for direction... ;)
Old bridge..entrance to                           Muar..

Jan, hubby's elder bro..was waiting for us,
but we just can't resist to stop by at the shopping mall..
for old time sake..(was that a relevant excuse..? hehe)


nieces & nephews...

>>>reach at about 9.30pm, 
rest..till tomorrow>>>

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