Friday, December 31, 2010 the pool

Arrived at Kayns Resort about 3pm++ (30/12/10)
missed the junction and was delayed for 1/2 hour...

The only resort beautifully located at one of the beach front in
 Port Dickson

Our 3 little stoodgers...hahaha

So excited to have a dip in the pool...
being the first agenda at Kayns Resort!!
But was driveD out by the guardS...pool closed at 8pm.
OPS!!! I_I

sucking shells (siput sedut) by the pool...
(its allowed to have lunch by the pool, isn't it fabulous!! ;)

Monday, December 27, 2010 the river

these people are hungry.... ^_^

 happy time, its happy coz its meal time hehehe

 what's that? its indeed a 'FLYING SAUCER'.. ;))
stopped that Ga...your bad!!

 a fierce crab

into the virgin jungle heading to the WATERFALL..
~big tree trunk

 ice-cream in the jungle....????? 
where in the part of the world you will find that...>?!;)

 that's 3 much Ga.....;)))

Ga, i told you...not too much!!
after diving into the pool...
landed on his finger...

well..accidents happens!!

huwaaahhh... :((

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Motor-Bike Ride

~Hubby's home~ 
one of our hobby...*born free*
along the highway
a way of spending time just the two of us..
a long motor-bike ride
sshhh...young at heart >hehehe
we have a secret plan of going from east to west by bike...^_^
tell me honestly people...
think at this age, is it ever going to happen??
time will tell..!!!;))

Monday, December 20, 2010

Teh Tark Dulu..

Once an insurance fellow...always an insurance fellow!!
He's an Unit Manager for MNI (Malaysia National Insurance) .
She was with Great Eastern Life...
and that was more than 10 years ago..

And Now ... they are back in action with. >>>

In between those years, a lot happend but unfortunately not effective..

as usual starting our day with teh tarik.. the Malaysian Way!! ;)
pic taken at a stall just next to Etiqa Branch(Academic) , Jln Melaka. Kuala Lumpur

Friday, December 3, 2010

WOMAN on action

Gracias to my dearest friend cum closed family(my mom's goddaughter) for inviting me to this function which  i know can do a lot for my business in terms of knowledge and promotion on top of that...
the opportunity of meeting successful business woman throughout MALAYSIA as well as online..
exchanging experiences and tips in these line....its really going to open my road to my success...
God's willing

Woman Entrepreneur Network Associattion

WENA is an association that helps women to excel in business world by synergizing the entrepreneurial skills towards success. With its main goal a dedication towards championing woman's right in business and profession, this is the right organization for all women out there.

Only those who have License in Business are qualified to join these group and their gatherings...
We normally exchange business cards and in each gathering, one of the members entitle to promote
her product for 20 mins presentation. AND THAT REALLY MAKES A BIG IMPACT FOR ONES MARKETING.... 

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Life changes rapidly nowadays. For the last past years holidays are always most waited by the children.  Abah...would really sit and  discuss holiday plans a month before every school holiday and making sure his around to spend it with us. Well, not this time coz for some technical problem, a lot of projects failed and Abah is quiet distracted...and i have to work!! huhu
But i will always try my best not to make it really a big difference to the kids if i can afford it.
and they just have to spend a quiet holiday at home or maybe a day out from time to time...
Abah is away for the month i can tell...S000



 View facing the opposite of the State Library
The Twin Tower Kuala Lumpur (KLCC)

Syasya & Balqis...CUTE!!


 Fiffy.. GPRS ;)

Fun Day Out..

Titiwangsa Lake & Recreation Park

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pasar Malam TTDI

'Pasar Malam' means Night Market or an Evening Bazaar and its another famous custom in Malaysia. Its where a chosen road will be closed to give way for stalls to open up selling food, cloths, shoes or even fresh meat,fish and fruits you name it...
Its really a happening place...

On our street where I'm working... Pasar Malam falls on Sundays. Starts operating as early as 4pm in the evening...
and i decided to take the kids to 'Pasar Malam' for fun....

 having 'Sirap Asam Moi'... 

'Soto'...sort of a noodle soup

 Fried Rice pasar malam style...
noticed how big the wok is..? ;)

 'telinga keling' - i better won't translate it hehehe

grilled corn...really nice!! ;)

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