Saturday, June 27, 2009

Durian Feast..

In Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, the season for durians  is typically from June to August, it will come down to the cheapest as RM1 for 1 kg..
We were informed by brother in-law..Jamal, who did a road show under Maritime Malaysia around JB., spontaneously, my hubby decided to go for it.. yeah!! FUN TIME...
My hubby..he can't even stand the smell of durian!! But ever since or for as long as i can remember..when it comes to 'durian'..he always spoiled me with it..!! He will stand as far as its nessesary to avoid the smell and of cause smoking..while watching!! hehe >luv u Ga..

We spended one nite at brother in-law Jan at Muar. The following day we reached home late evening but still managed to 'karaoke' in means of relaxing after the long drive...THEN off to the 'mamak stall' to watch 'badminton tournament'.. about hyper

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