Wednesday, June 10, 2009

National Park, Pahang


The Holiday plan :
Taman Negara, Pahang(National Park, Pahang)

All set : - Notification Letter to Taman Negara 
            - All names and I/C submitted to the Forest Ranger of Pahang
            - Transportation - Serviced
            - Food & Accommodation (camping tents)


OMG!! At km 46, Karak Highway..
 our precious Volvo Wagon(1979) breakdown..huhu

so we waited for the mechanic to come
all the way from the city to fix the Volvo..:(
BUT didn't stopped us from having some fun along the highway...enjoying our 'tapau' (food we packed from home), taking pictures and lastly we openned a small tent and a mat to rest for awhile..till it was really dark but the Volvo.. it was never done...the mechanics have to go back to the city to take more spare-parts and tools to fix  the Volvo..

Abah/Umi : let's talk about plan 'B'..
But there's no plan 'B' ;)hehehe
and Noo..!, we are not turning back and cancel the trip..
we took a lot of effort and time to prepare for this trip..
So after the father mother talk...
we will wait for the mechanics to back come 2moro, since its very late at nite now ..and meanwhile we looked for a convenient place to spend the nite and the closest we were was at the R&R Sempah, so we camped there...we were very lucky there's no security round and sent us away!! ;)

-2 b continue..;)-

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