Monday, June 22, 2009

HaPpY Ab@h'$ dAy..

21st June 2009
Happy father's day Pt1 (2009)

which happens to be the wrong date, for actually, Father's day falls on the third Sunday of June..and that's TODAY!! My hubby.., in return, with his big loving heart would like to treat us this time.. SO OFF WE GO..Sight seeing !!

1st destination...

Awana Skyways Resort, Genting

2nd destination...
Berjaya Hill Club a French Theme Resort

Final destination...

Syima & Syafiqah..
so steady before the rides started..

owh....look at them after the ride!!hahaha


* helicopter ride
*Panda ride..?
*Bumper Ride                                         

 Syafiqah & Balqis in for the ride..
Syima & Syasya...

Syima enjoying herself just watching her sisters..up,up on the way!! ;)

 hunted house...scary faces..!

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