Monday, April 27, 2009

Window Shopping


Times Square.

2 days in KL, My hubby is flying again to China via Singapore.
After sending him off... Window shopping!!!

Waited for Faye at Subway Sandwich & Salad Restaurant ;)

oh..its was shopping spree for Faye, while me & Syima...we sticked to window shopping. Latif.. our faithful friend who was waiting for us went home with the car coz  we decided to take the train home for it seems our window shopping continue to another mall and its not easy to park in the city(we dare to walk, and I broke my sandal on the way and have to replace it! ;) Now I have reason to buy a new one...hahaha

Another stopped for filling up ;)
at OldTown White Coffee

White Coffee, ToastedBeard with butter
and the famous Oldtown PrawnMee.. 

A snap in the they look tired??  ;)

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