Monday, April 13, 2009

uM!'s b' 2


~home with the kids...

At first I don't agree with this, it's such a waste, I mean ..with the trip to Sabah and all ...
Further more nobody celebrates birthday twice..
hey! wait a minutes, Ga.. have you done something I don't know? hahaha
Anyway since my hubby insisted, saying he wants to celebrate it with the kids and love to cook for us. He loves to cook and love it more when he get complemented. hehehe..So,in the end I give in and get really excited about it coz  not only we got to dress up glamorously(its the theme) but tonight's menu is on my SPECIAL REQUEST he say..!

'Char Kuey Teow  with crunch peanut topping..Penang Mari punyee...hehehe





This post is heartily dedicated to The Birthday Lady..
to remind her how HE still makes HER feel special at time!!

speechless lily~

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