Friday, April 10, 2009

BoRnEo wF LuV- pt1

4thApriL 2009 - LABUAN

To me, she is Manang Beth, she raised me after my Mamang 
passed away in 1973 and we are very closed, 
I haven't meet her for about 6 yrs.
So after checking in the Hotel...we spent the day at her place, catching up..! 
So good to see you again M.Beth, missed you and kids so much...

Not much to see in Labuan, I mean.. that we haven't seen before,
so we decided to go out for karoake then clubbing....pheeweet!!
'fun night out with hubby..'  ;)♥~~~♥

The next morning, 
a discussion between fathers regarding the 
Wedding arrangements between 
♥Hafiz and Eja

our next destination is.. 
Kota Kinabalu transit Menumbok

Ferry to Kota Kinabalu 

Labuan Jetty 
 a speed boat - this will take us to Menumbok
isn't it trill...~hehe

view taken from the speed boat...
look at the sea...

Menumbok ~ Kuala Penyu ~ Beauford
~Kota Kinabalu~

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