Sunday, March 8, 2009


After a long period of distance and followed by an accident, how do you suppose not share the moment of being reunited again. For us, or as least for me... distance makes the heart fonder!! InsyaAllah..

 Exactly One week of not sharing.....
I've been too preoccupied after my hubby arrived last Tuesday n a lot of happenings...
and the day always start with his cup of black coffee as usual..

Took my hubby to see a Homeopathic Physician for the Acupuncture Point Treatment for two days on the row and he is taking homeopathic medicine and really its working just like it used to.

 But he is still on pain killer for he teared a few tissue at his spinal bones, so it was estimated that he will feeling pain for these 2 -3 weeks till the tissue recover, which I hope it would be sooner....

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