Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weird Facts about 'ME'...

Tag from Blog Cabin....

Better late than Never......Flo,

Ok, let me proceed with the tag.

The rules are :

1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.

2. People who get tagged need to write a post of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.

3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

4. No tag backs!

So here goes the....ME !

1. One Filipino lady who never set foot on the Philippine land nor speak any filipino language fluently but you still cannot sell me coz I understand though.......
a bit!

2. from Sunday school teacher to 'ustaza' hahaha.....but only to my kids. the big ones 'khatam' means done, the 2 on the way to Quran and little chubby...well, he's just 2yrs old!

3. I consider myself having strong determination n multi-talented or maybe just too desperate,
hah! why? when I was a single parent.....
i. I earned my living by 'skills' that I didn't get from school......
I'm a taylor/fashion designer who owned 2 fashion house but learn sewing only by referring books that I borrowed from the library n magazines as well as tips from close friends..... (considering its a profession that gives me chance to look after my children at home... no baby sitter pls!)
ii. Crowd! it'll make me freeze just standing on stage during my school days, I'm just the gal behind the scene... I do research n ready the speech but they do the presentation!! Then....Boom!
One day I'm a 'speaker'. I earned an apartment, a Volvo which came with a chauffeur, air flight and hotel to wherever I went to give my talk....all accommodated by the company!!..... that's weird!

4. I also done part-time in makeup-do-over for brides, direct sellings , insurance agent and later after moving to K.L., I do Public Mutual..... but now, my hubby pampered me so much that I'm just jammed in my brain until i decided to explore internet......singlehandedly!!!

5. Yeah, okay, I have to say that I am a lover of all things organized. So, this totally speaks to me. My hubby n kids breaks out in a nervous sweat whenever they comes home to find me in some part of the house buried under piles of 'this goes here' and 'that's going there' and 'if you mess this up I'm gonna kick your a$$.
this is where mommie turns into zombie....!! ggrrrr.....

6. when u just meet me, I'm shy at first, but warm up quickly...give me like 3 second. lol...:0 That's me... a Comic Relief

7. In real live, I hate sentiments, couldn't be bother with others criticism, the faster u face the facts the sooner u move on type of person......

8. But when I'm watching sad movies or dramas....omg! I need handkerchief please!!!
I'm addicted to tv. Sitcoms, drama and movies.....

9. I'm so obsess losing weight....^o^ (blushing oidy....)I never been over weight before. I even delivered Balqis and the others at about 60-65kg only, I put on weight after having Syasya......,
and can't get rid of those extra now......blame that to the hormone.....wakakaka

10. Outdoor gal.....likes camping, fishing and oh....loves adventures. My hubby and I are planning to join the Borneo 4WD Cross Country Challenge......
Loves Cars too!

11. mmmm....? oh yes! all my kids, nieces n nephews call me 'umi'...even kids from Nubhanfc n Stacyfc !! motherhood...I know I got the charisma...

12. belonging to 2 local fc's also seems weird isn't it? I still cant talk about this to my relatives, they wont understand it! English song are the choice in the family , was never very keen with Malay songs before because of less exposure maybe.....coverline!!

13. Very proud 45 n it might not really be weird but I love singing n dancing. I dance from traditional, ballroom to modern dances including hip hop n shuffle. dare to try it with me....??
* ~I got it from my momma......hehehe

14. I used to like western food, then suddenly at this age, I'm more to Japanese.... :) one thing never change I love cheess cake... yummy!!

15. I like to think I'm a trifty person....not calculative ok, mind you...! (just to avoid inflation... hehehe) but sometimes or most of the time....I end up overspending......
still wondering how come...??

lastly.....10 persons to be tag;
who wants to be tag, put your hands up...hehehe

at least by the end of this tag we know each other better......
be positive n be pals forever!

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  1. Admire you gals, been so fast to do the tag and I really appreciated it. Compare to me I took about a quarter year to do that tag! Tabik spring to you pal hehe

  2. amboi umi...
    u tagged me eh...
    let me think first...i wanna do it or not...hurrrmmm..hihiks...

  3. adooooi berasap kepala i fikirkan list tu, huhu

    come visit my blog, baca list i lak, hahahaha

  4. Flo....
    with this age....
    you can still add up a lot....

    just do it...
    other wise, I can do it for u from my point of view...
    we did spend a lot of time 2gather...

  5. i been tagged again...tnx mem luvyah home work at last new update wahahaahaha

  6. Tried Everything, you think so....
    thank you...!! :)


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