Saturday, February 28, 2009

So What...!!!

me...kyrun@ummi, Shikin@mamapip n Rozi@angah.....

I'm calling 'US' ....~sweet 40's Nubies~
we are internet buddies and we have 3 things in common, we are senior members of Nubhanfc n we are 40+ ..... n young at heart ..ahakss lol! you don't agree with that eh?? But I do! wakakaka.... we plan to have this get-together for quiet sometime now and at last...!! we decided to meet up at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara....

tnx to Shikin who pick me up at my place n while waiting for Rozi, who happen to have a family gathering n came a bit late so... we parked outside Tesco Megamall, just next to the Curve building and went for a walked.....

at 'The Walk' which links Tesco n The Curve.....

then to 'The Street'! This links The Curve to......

the Cineleisure.....

then back to Tesco where there's this small shoplot called the Delectables which faces The Curve (the walkway connection between Tesco and The Curve). This cafe serves food like nasi lemak, prawn mee, curry and clear soup noodles etc. etc. (along with other snacks like tong sui).

my hubby's favorite 'mee udang' spot......

'mee Udang' @prawn mee... n I'm sharing it to Shikin. So both of us ordered each a bowl of prawn mee n a glass of hot lemon tea..... was it Shikin? ala... start ur diet 2moro la.... hehehe

hot lemon tea.....ahhh!

and Rozi's 'ice cendol' and complain coz its more like 'ice kacang'
with a little bit too much ice on it..... ooh-owh!! :0

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  1. yummy..
    terliur pulak tgk makanan2 tue..

  2. apa lagi Helmi,
    bole ba umi belanja ko kalu ko pigi KL nanti....jgn lupa kasi tau awal2
    ya....! hahaha

  3. jom turun sini kite lepak situ lagi mie....

    adooooi kyrun i igt lambat2 i bagi our golden girls pix tu utk u simpan je, u still post????


  4. cayang nak simpan jee....
    such a 'one fine day' out n
    so wasted if not shared....kannn??

    sowiee...Shikin!k :)

  5. bole ba...
    tapi sa mau ummi yg masakkan...

  6. Hi! Though I don't know much about STACY, I sure would love to!

    I've heard a lot about how beautiful Malaysia is and would love to visit it someday. I got married in January this year.

  7. wow!! Congratulation.
    then your still in your 'honeymoon' mood then...

    oh yes!!
    Malaysia IS very beautiful.

    STACY - one word to describe her ~pussycatdollMalaysia~ :)

    ps. I'm a big fan of Datuk SRK..hehehe


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